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15 years of experience in VFX and CGI.

We are a team of over 150 designers, 3D artists, 2D and 3D animators.

We are creative directors, producers and VFX supervisors.

We are located in Paris, Montréal and Los Angeles.

We love the image, storytelling and finding new ways of expression.

Either in Feature films or episodic formats, in fiction or non-fiction, we want to hear about your new project.

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Mathematic Montréal & Paris : Two locations, two incitative tax rebates with their own rules

VFX Projects can be shared and split between the two countries

Mathematic Paris : France

Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP) : You could benefit up to 40% tax rebate. To qualify to the 30% TRIP, your project must :

There is a 10% bonus (reaching a total of 40%) to VFX-intensive projects with more than €2M of VFX-related eligible French expenditure.

More details here : https://www.filmfrance.net/v2/gb/home.cfm

Mathematic Montréal : Canada

QUEBEC offers some of the most advantageous cash rebates available in North America :

In Quebec, the tax credit is based on all expenditures and the producer is not required to release the film in Québec.

This tax credit corresponds to 20% of all expenditures, with no prescribed limit, paid to Québec residents or Québec companies.

For digital special effects (VFX) and computer animation, a 16% tax credit enhancement is added, on extended eligible labor. Equally, filming in front of a green screen is included in the credit enhancement.

At the federal level, you get an additional tax incentive of 16%, net of any assistance, of eligible labour expenditures within Canada (CISP).


More details here : http://www.qftc.ca/tax-incentives/information

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We also have partners providing specific consulting to establish the perfect deal and imagine a cocktail between both countries. It is adaptable and specific to each contract. We can provide you with a very quick and efficient answer.